Company Formation

Streamline Your Business Launch with Expert Company Formation Services. Optimize Your Path to Success in the USA Market.

Company Formation Solutions

Submitting the Certificate of Incorporation for a seamless business establishment process.
  • File the Certificate of Incorporation promptly, ensuring a swift and efficient start to your business journey.
  • Expedite the incorporation process with our expert assistance for a hassle-free experience.
Trailer title and registration services for smooth operations.
  • Obtain hassle-free title and registration for your trailers, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.
  • Simplify the trailer documentation process, securing proper titles and registrations efficiently.
Comprehensive support for all filings and document requirements.
  • Receive expert assistance with all necessary filings and documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Streamline the paperwork process, allowing you to focus on business aspects that matter most.
Hyper Hub Trucking Company Formation Assistance

So, you’ve decided to venture into the trucking industry, driven by your love for driving and helping people and businesses thrive in today’s economy. Starting a trucking company may seem daunting, but fear not—Hyper Hub Trucking is here to guide you through the process. Whether you’re unsure about creating a company or need support to ensure everything is done correctly, we’ve got your back.

Creating the Company

Embark on the journey of creating your company with steps aligned to the General Corporation Code:

  • Choose a business name, undergo a name check, and ensure uniqueness.
  • Select the corporation type based on your business model—sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC.
  • Navigate the Certificate of Incorporation filing process seamlessly with Hyper Hub Trucking’s support.
  • Appoint a registered agent, draft corporate bylaws, select directors, and conduct the inaugural board meeting.
  • Rely on our expertise to handle the necessary filings and documents, ensuring a smooth process.

Whether you’re at the inception or an advanced stage, Hyper Hub Trucking is delighted to assist you throughout the company formation journey

 Trailer Title and Registration with Hyper Hub Trucking

Whether purchasing or leasing trailers for your business, all must be titled in Delaware and registered to be permitted on state highways.

How to Obtain a Trailer Title:

Initiate the title process at the DMV, saving time by completing forms online. If bought or leased, ensure the prior owner transferred the title. If brand new, submit a title application.

Registering Your Trailer:

Provide proof of ownership and complete the registration application, ensuring taxes are paid and proper trailer insurance is secured.

Title and Registration Costs:

Title fee is $55, and yearly registration costs vary by weight: $15 for up to 1,000 pounds, $20 for 1,001 to 2,000 pounds, $40 for 2,001 to 5,000 pounds. Trailers over 5,000 pounds pay an extra $18 for every additional 1,000 pounds.

Apportioned Registration for Interstate Operations:

For interstate moves, obtain apportioned registration to operate in multiple states, streamlining permits and registrations. Pay proportional fees based on miles traveled in each state.

Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT):

Remit annual HVUT return to the IRS for vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more on public highways. Calculate taxable vehicle gross weight including unloaded vehicle weight, trailer weight, and maximum load weight.

Checking Driver Records:

For hiring drivers, request motor vehicle record checks in person or by mail. Choose a three-year, five-year, or full driver record, each costing $25.

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What Our Clients Say

James Taylor Trucking Company Owner, Texas, USA

Using their dispatching service has been a game-changer for our trucking business! The team at Hyper Hub Trucking is reliable, efficient, and always available to handle our load assignments. We've experienced smooth operations and timely deliveries since partnering with them. Highly recommend.

Robert Anderson Client

Hyper Hub has been a game-changer for our trucking company! Their dispatchers are highly skilled and efficient, ensuring our drivers are always assigned the best loads. Their load providers offer a diverse range of opportunities, helping us maximize our profits. We're grateful for their excellent service and reliable support!

David Wilson Client

Hyper Hub has made a significant impact on our carrier operations. Their dispatcher services have optimized our routes and improved our overall efficiency. The load providers they connect us with offer a wide range of options, ensuring we have steady work throughout the year.

At Hyper Hub Trucking, our mission is to provide seamless dispatching solutions that drive efficiency and growth for our clients in the trucking industry. Our dedicated team is committed to offering continuous support, ensuring optimal operations and client success.


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